Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

NW (left) and SE corners of 24th Ave. & 56th St.
Ballard, Seattle
January, 2009

Along 24th and 20th Aves., between Market and 65th Sts., tiled street names are embedded into the sidewalk at the NW and SE corners of the cross streets. I don't know anything about them. They appeal to me, however, for the same reasons that urinals and fire hydrants did back in the day: They're ostensibly the same, but are different when you look closer. Some have aged drastically differently than others. Some are missing. If they're from before Ballard was annexed by Seattle, they're more than 100 years old.

Saturday I walked up and down 24th Ave., getting all the street signs there. Monday or Tuesday I'll do the same for 20th.

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