Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

Hive photography

On Saturday and Sunday (13 and 14 June), I participated in a group experiment. Randomly during the day, participants got a text saying "Click!" (or variation thereof), and we were supposed to take a picture as spontaneously as possible. Here is my set. There's also a flickr pool of all the photographers, but I don't know how public it's intended to be.

My current thoughts:

I'd do this again, especially if there were more texts (7 to 10, instead of 4 or 5).

It made me think about how I spend my time.

It's amusing (or ironic) that both days, I didn't get a text at all while Julie and I were doing Something Special. However, being spontaneous and thinking about the project in general did affect what pictures I took while we were out and about. Yeah!

I'll have some more thoughts after I look through the pool and see other people's pictures.

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