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Brig St. - Luke McGuff

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August 22nd, 2009

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04:48 pm - Brig St.
We continue to come across Old Ballard Street Signs that I haven't photographed yet. In every case, we've walked these streets, sometimes repeatedly, without having seen them before. How did we miss them? Why do we see them now? Not only that, but last night we saw one pair of these, and when I went back this afternoon, I found another pair that we had walked right by.

SE Corner of 22nd Ave & 67th St.
Ballard, Seattle
August, 2009

Note the pair on 22nd Ave. (one of which is shown above) are a few tiles wider than the pair on 23rd Ave.

NW Corner of 22nd Ave & 67th St.

SE Corner of 23rd Ave & 67th St.

NW Corner of 23rd Ave & 67th St.

Complete set on Flickr here.

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Date:August 23rd, 2009 12:06 am (UTC)
I'm a completist about this. MUST PHOTOGRAPH THEM ALL.

But thanks!

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