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Luke McGuff

Peninsula Trip: Thursday

Sometime after the tidepool/Anacortes trip, we decided the next trip would be to the peninsula. We had a brief plan to head out on the 20th, go to a Professional Fishermen's Festival in Aberdeen, and then work our way back up and around on 101. Julie decided we'd be better off to hit the road now, rather than wait; this was the first of several good calls.

So on Thursday morning, we got up, hit the road, and took I5 down to Olympia, then turned off to Aberdeen, arriving there at noon. Yes, in reality, we're often not both up by noon, but in Bizarro World, we set the alarm to get up early every vacation day. Hah! The weather was gorgeous, and continued so through the trip: Warm, breezy, sunny, practically cloudless.

Aberdeen itself was pretty quiet, but had a pleasant unredeveloped downtown. We ate lunch at Anne Marie's Cafe, which was very tasty and inexpensive. "Good food and Good Company" was their slogan, I think, and it was true! After lunch, we walked around a bit. There was a great graffiti wall in an alley. I dont' know if it was a free wall or city sanctioned, or maybe both. But a lot of the art was very good. We also browsed a store called "Fun Funky Finds" that had some interesting/terrifying objects in it.

Next stop was Ocean Shores Beach. We saw a large flock of sandpipers which were very amusing to watch. They'd walk down the beach, following a wave out, poke-poke-poking the sand. Then the next wave would roll in, and they'd skitter up the beach again, a million tiny legs flailing. They'd form a perfect outline of the wave. Sometimes small groups of them would fly, very low and fast, to another section of the beach. We also drove down to Damon Pt. State Park, en route to which we stopped off at the North Jetty. The incoming tide was crashing against the jetty quite prettily. Several pelicans flew overhead, the first time I'd ever seen them in reality. So primitive! They reminded me of archaeopteryxes. We also saw a car that had parked on the beach, gotten trapped by the tide, and had to be towed out. Driving over to Damon Pt., we saw two Pacific black tail deer, very nonchalantly by the side of the road. Not at all disturbed by us stopping; in fact, one took the opportunity to cross in front of us, and was more polite about it than most Seattle pedestrians. Damon Pt. State Park itself featured a starfish, some interesting pilings, and a neat view of Mt. Rainier, distant and low on the horizon.

After that, it was back on the road and up to Moclips for the night. We stayed at Ocean Crest Resort, which was a little too posh but quite lovely. The clerk who checked us in claimed we were in the room next to the one Ted Nugent stays in when he's there hunting bear. It was lovely, that's true. There was a long staircase down to the beach. The clerk said it was 130 steps, but we didn't count.

The steps followed a small creek down to the beach. At the foot of the steps was a small pool, which had a number of tadpoles in it (it seems a little late to me for tadpoles, but maybe it's a second hatching or something), a solitary sandpiper, and, to Julie's complete joy, a small garter snake, Sammy, who slid sinuously side-to-side through the water. He lunged at a tadpole, but I don't think he caught one. We also saw a huge scrum of gulls fighting over a couple salmon carcasses.

We got back up to our room in time to watch the sunset, and then had dinner at the resort's restaurant. It was very tasty. We got the "half portions" sizes, which was 3/8's the serving for 3/5's the price. Hah! But, as I say, tasty. We were probably the youngest diners in there.

Then it was an early to bed, with the alarm set, so that Friday we could hit the road to Lake Quinault.

ETA: I forgot that after dinner, we drove down to the beach. We could see the ENTIRE SKY, practically, including a very well-defined Milky Way. I love looking up into the night sky, and thinking that I'm looking tens of thousands of light years into the past, and wondering what-all and who-all is out there, and wanting to go. Julie saw three shooting stars, and I saw ripples in the sky that might have been aurorae (or might have been wishful thinking).

THEN it was to bed. Yeah!

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