Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
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Coffee Soup
Coffee Soup
3:02 PM
This afternoon Julie and I went for a walk to the Locks, and then up the Magnolia side of the canal for a bit. This is a deli at 28th and Market.

Happy Graffiti
Happy graffiti
4:03 PM
Under the railroad bridge that runs across the canal, Magnolia side.

Still Happy
Still Happy
4:21 PM
Dirty, deflated, bedraggled, but still happy.

Mr. Peanut Party
Mr. Peanut Party
4:40 PM
Someone had decorated their mailbox to be a party.

Osprey Nest
Osprey Nest
4:58 PM

It's difficult to see in this image, but there's an adult osprey, landing at its nest on the railroad bridge. There were two fledgling osprey there, occasionally chirping "Mom! Still hungry!" calls.

Sea Lion at the Salmon Buffet
Sea Lion
5:16 PM

There were two sea lions, right at the base of the fish ladder. It was like an all-you-can-eat buffet for them, as they were where all the salmon had to go.

Fishery Worker
Fish & Wildlife worker
5:21 PM

There was a crew of four workers from Fisheries & Wildlife (we presume). They were catching and tagging the salmon in the ladder. A few minutes after taking this picture, the guy threw an M80 (or similar) into the water to scare off the sea lion. Even sunk under the water, it was loud enough and strong enough to feel it in our feet.

5:43 PM

Outside the new QFC on the way back home. Of course the best place to get this picture was the middle of the entrance to the parking lot. D'oh!

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