Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

Some things I did in 2010

As always, the way my brain works I remember the negatives and should've's better than the dids. So here are some things I did in 2010:

The Wiscon Photobooth.

Returned to school.

(I think those are the two biggest things.)

Helped produce the Wiscon 34 souvenir book.

Was actually on programming at Wiscon!

Worked on Potlatch 19.

Went to Salt Creek County Park for the low tide.

Took pictures of the visiting writers for Clarion West.

Saw many movies with fringefaan. Most of them were pretty good!

Sharing more walks and nature adventures with Julie (and reading).

Got my "advanced digital imaging" certificate from the UW extension.

Was briefly the social media intern for wall space gallery.

Most of the things I want to do in 2011 are continuations of these:

Another Photobooth at Wiscon, work on the souvenir book again (already in progress). Go to another park for low tide in July. See many movies with fringefaan, most of them pretty good. More walks and nature adventures with Julie. Probably won't photograph the visiting writers for Clarion West again.

Continue with school, of course.

Push myself a little more. Get off my "buts" as my nephew posted to Facebook. Yeah!

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