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For the presentation at Antioch, I made up a resource list of organizations working to clean up Seattle’s parks and forests and a “further reading” list. Then I forgot to hand them out. So you get them now, with the added benefit that the various links are live. (Also, explanatory verbiage.) Tomorrow will be the further reading list.

Organizations working to restore Seattle’s forested parks.

Green Seattle Partnership
GSP provides training for forest stewards, coordinates logistics on a city-wide basis, and has a great calendar of events. The Green Seattle Partnership model is being developed in other cities — Green Kirkland Partnership, Green Tacoma Partnership, and Green Everett Partnership among them.
Earthcorp’s motto is “Local Restoration, Global Leadership.” The sponsor events around the city and the Sound. They have a summer program that brings youth from around the world to work in this area, who then go home to share their knowledge.
ForTerra used to be called the Cascade Land Conservancy, but as the importance of the work they do with Green Seattle Partnership has risen, they changed their name. ForTerra provides the manpower for much of the GSP work.
Seattle Parks Foundation
Among other things, the Seattle Parks Foundation provides fiscal sponsorship for parks seeking grants or donations. Go here, fill out the form, and select “Friends of North Beach” from the Designation drop-down list.

More information about native plants.

Washington Native Plant Society
They have chapters all around the state — Seattle’s chapter is the “Central Sound” chapter. They’ve done much research into what is and isn’t a “native” plant, where they live and so on.

King County Native Plant Guide
Photos, planting and landscaping guides, common and scientific name listings — just about everything you can use to find out about growing native plants.

More information about weeds and invasive plants.

A handy little website produced by the WNPS. There is a page listing ivy-free nurseries.

King County Noxious Weeds
If you’re feeling down in the dumps, browsing this page will cheer you right up.

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