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Watering Cans

Watering cans

The best time to plant native plants in a park (where they won’t get much maintenance) is mid fall, so the roots have plenty of time to establish themselves during the winter rains. However, the best time to distribute thousands of plants to eager forest stewards is mid winter, when the plants are nice and dormant. For larger parks, with nurseries, this is no problem. For North Beach Park, that meant we put the plants in very late in the planting season (late March). I used to say I was the only person in Seattle who was enjoying the cool, wet spring.

We’re finally having a stretch of dry days — in fact, we’re approaching the record for days in a row without measurable precipitation, and just finished the driest August since weather records were kept. That means the watering cans will be accompanying me to North Beach Park a few more times.

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