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Friends of North Beach Park Is First Recipient of Groundswell NW Microgrant

Friends of North Beach Park, which has been conducting restoration activities in North Beach Park and Nature, was the first recipient of Groundswell NW’s new “microgrant” program. Thanks to an anonymous donor, this program awards up to $500 to support community members who are starting projects that support Groundswell NW’s mission. Projects are preferred to be in NW Seattle, be a new project, and have an inclusive group and invite the public to participate. The project should involve the creation and/or maintenance of public parks, habitat, or green space or involve education about a topic or project related to Groundswell’s mission.

David Folweiler, a member of the Groundswell NW board, says: “Friends of North Beach Park is a passionate group of volunteers who maintain a much needed green space adjacent to North Beach Elementary School. Their work involves removing invasive species and restoring native plantings. They also work with students to enrich their environmental education. The work of the Friends of North Beach Park furthers the mission of Groundswell NW – the creation and maintenance of public parks, habitat, and green space. We are honored that our first microgrant award goes to such a dedicated group.”

Friends of North Beach Park includes neighbors from Crown Hill, Olympic Manor, North Beach, and Ballard. Since April, 2011, there have been 17 work parties in the main body of the park, including visits from five school groups. The work parties are held on the 4th Saturday of the month, from 9 a.m. to noon. The October and November work parties will feature native planting in numerous sites throughout the park.

Luke McGuff, a forest steward with Friends of North Beach Park, says “this is our first grant, and we’re pleased that it came from a neighborhood organization that so closely shares our values. We look forward to working with Groundswell NW in the future.” The money received will be used to produce a newsletter for neighbors of the park and to purchase tools.

The work of Friends of North Beach Park is also supported by the Green Seattle Partnership and the Seattle Parks Department.

For further information about Groundswell NW, please visit their website.

For further information about Friends of North Beach Park, or to volunteer for a work party, please contact Luke McGuff at

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