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UW Students At North Beach Park

My original title was going to be “What fun!” But this is more descriptive.

Saturday (27th) was North Beach’s regular 4th Saturday work party, and we were joined by 17 students in the UW’s “Environmental Science and Resource Management 100″ class. This is an online class that every student has to take. One of the requirements is that they participate in a work party and write a short paper about it.

Last year, I wrote to the class about North Beach Park and asked the students to RSVP. I got 16 RSVPs and ran all over, asking for ideas for what they could do, panicking… then only two showed up.

This year, I almost didn’t write to the class at all. But I decided to anyway, and specifically DIDN’T ask for RSVPs, figuring about two students would show up, and that would be good. So of course… well, you already know.

I scrambled around trying to find things for them to do, and we kept them busy for long enough for it to count. All in all, it went really well. One group removed ivy from some trees and from a slope. Another group planted trees on a cleared slope, while a third group worked on erosion control. Finally, some people planted a bunch of live stakes. They were pretty engaged and hard working, as well, asking thoughtful questions and taking initiative about work.

There was a technical glitch with my phone that meant I only got the two pictures below, but it was still good. They’re of the group that was pulling ivy.

UW Students at North Beach Park

Removing Ivy from a tree

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