Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

New Kiosk at North Beach Park

Thanks to Morry, one of the best and most active volunteers at North Beach Park, we now have a nice little kiosk at the entrance. He was helping to upgrade the kiosk at Llandover Woods, another park at which he is one of the best and most active volunteers, and thought the replaced one should go to North Beach.

Late this morning, we helped a little bit with some of the last bits of installing the new one at Llandover, then rescued and installed the old kiosk at North Beach this afternoon.

Morry provided all the tools as well as the impetus and oomph.

Here I am in my park clothes:

Here is the installed post with a map and a flyer for the next work party:

I’d forgotten the push pins at home, thus the inelegant yellow duct tape. There could still be some more work done, making sure the dirt around the hole is tamped in better, putting some larger plywood onto the kiosk for more room. But what the heck, pretty good for a day’s work.

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