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Luke McGuff

March Work Party Report

Saturday morning was pretty cold when we started out, about 36F. But once we got going, the work kept us warm.

There were seven volunteers, split into two groups: Doug, Tad, and Jorge worked on removing holly and Drexie, Bill, Morry, and Luke worked on building an ivy platform at the bottom of Knotweed Hill.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the first work group, but they cleared quite a large area.

I do have a couple pictures of the ivy platform building:

Drexie, Bill, Morry
Here are Drexie, Bill, and Morry (left to right) in the early stages of working on the platform.

Behind the Ivy Platform
Much later — you can see how tall the platform has gotten. There is some trick of perspective here, as I’m on a steep slope above the platform, and Drexie (L) and Bill (R) are slightly below it. On the other hand, we’re not that far apart and they’re standing up.

Ivy Platform
A final shot of the platform. The platform is under the right-hand branch of the “Y” tree shadow coming up from the bottom center of the photo. It’s at least 5′ tall on the uphill side, taller on the downhill side.

This isn’t very clear, but I just noticed that the Natural Area Crew last month put their initials on one of the stumps from the alders they cut up.

The next official work party will be Saturday, April 27, 9 a.m. to noon. We’ll meet at the main entrance to the park at 90th St. and 24th Ave. NW. Hope to see you there! It’s great work for a spring morning.

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