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Luke McGuff

Give BIG today for North Beach Park

Today, join Friends of North Beach Park, and friends of parks all over Seattle, as we give BIG. The Seattle Foundation will match online donations made to member organizations. The Seattle Parks Foundation, our fiscal sponsor, is in that group.

If you give $20, that is $10/year for the first two years, and it will become $10/year for the next two years as well.

To GiveBIG for North Beach Park, go to the Seattle Foundation website:

  1. Click the “Donate Now” button.
  2. Select the “Make a credit card donation” option.
  3. Fill out the donation form.
  4. Here’s the important part: In the comments field enter “Friends of North Beach Park.”
  5. Click “submit” and you’re done!

Your donation to The Seattle Parks Foundation is tax deductible. All donations to North Beach Park will go toward purchasing equipment and crew time to continue our volunteer restoration efforts. We’ve gotten a good start, but there’s much work to be done.

Here is a link to the front page of the Seattle Foundation website, so you can investigate a little further.

If you want any further information about our restoration efforts, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at

Thank you for your support and interest in this project.

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