August 6th, 2005

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For those following at home, you probably know I'm involved (ooooo baby) with juliebata. However, if you read my journal and not hers, you would be forgiven for thinking the extent of our relationship is an occasional phone call. Um, actually, we talk daily, and it's always fun. And we always learn a little bit about each other. Sometimes a lot!

The current plan -- which has us both excited, scared, happy, and hopeful -- is that she'll move here in mid/late September. Actually, it's more than a current plan: she's given notice at work, to her landlord, has arranged for the shipping of her stuff... WAUGH! as Charlie Brown might say. Hah!

My current plan is to fly to Chicago Friday or Saturday (9 or 10 September), spend the weekend with my sisters, take a bus up to Madison Monday, and stay in the Fairfield Inn for a couple days. Julie will pack on Tuesday and clean on Wednesday, and I'll help as much as my back and allergies allow (hopefully, quite a bit for both; I'd feel like a jerk to be in town and unable to help. Hah!). Wednesday evening we'll spend hours in the hot tub, and Thursday morning we'll hit the road as early as possible. (The actual dates will slide back and forth, of course, this IS a month and a half away, after all.) Our route back will be semi relaxed. Not exactly meandering across the country, but not exactly a straight shot either.

And then we'll be in Seattle, able to explore each other in every sense of the word with complete freedom of time. She'll be looking for work, and I'll be going to school, but we'll be snuggling and learning to live together and get along for more than a long weekend.