August 15th, 2005

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That's an exasperated Arg!, not a pirate Argh!

Um, anyway, I've covered two events put on by the SEIU local for Real Change -- the Justice for Janitors march and the candlelight vigil -- and Friday I got an email from them saying they were having a big rally Wednesday, and wanted me to cover it, and they'd pay me.

My first response was to say I'd do it for the portfolio, but I stopped myself and said, no, they're an organization, they're willing to pay, accept that. So I sent an email back saying yes, I'd be happy to. This morning I called and left a message saying I'd like to talk details and left a return number. Well, the lady called back, and the first thing she said was that over the weekend they found someone who'd cover it for free. Arg! I said twice that if they'd asked me to I'd have been happy to cover it for free. Oh well. She gave me the details about the march, and maybe I'll cover it for Real Change, but I think offering money and then telling me they got someone to do it for free isn't very professional or respectful. (I wasn't going to ask nearly what a pro photographer asks, for what that's worth.)

I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Real Change, thinking I was covering it for SEIU, had made plans to have someone else cover it. Oh well.