September 16th, 2005


ZATC D5: We meant to get an early start

Really, we did. We set the alarm for six, and turned in as soon as the local weather was done.

And the alarm went off. I asked Julie how she felt, and she said immensely tired. So I said another hour's sleep would do us better for the road than an early start.

And here we are. She's been stressed and having a hard time sleeping for weeks, so if she spends the day sleeping, I can spend the day reading. But I think she set the alarm for ten, which is in a minute or two.

Our longest visits in the past have been five days, but the fifth day always involved saying goodbye. Today it's been five days since I got to Madison, and we don't have to say goodbye. Will we feel the membrane when we pass through it, the membrane of being able to stay together longer than we have in the past?

Soon after we left Madison yesterday, "Hounds of Love" came on the tape player, and we both teared up a bit.
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ZATC D5: Miles to go

We made it to Miles City. I could have sworn my previous post didn't succeed.

We got up about ten, hit the road, and pushed through North Dakota and about a hundred miles in Montana. Miles City is pretty small, I think we're on the main drag. We had dinner at the Boardwalk.

Tomorrow we haven't planned yet, but we might make it across MT.

I'm typing at a computer near the main desk of the hotel and feeling a mite self conscious. Hah!

Thanks for the comments, talk to you soon.