September 17th, 2005

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ZATC D6: Where to go?

We're left with two long days of driving, and arriving in Seattle Sunday evening, or two moderate days of driving and a short day Monday. We might opt for the easier route, but who knows.

I'm starting to anticipate what all I'll have to do when I get to Seattle. Register for school at PCNW, vote, check in with Anita, thorough housecleaning, etc. Oh well.

We've been keeping a loose scrapbook, and it's been making me think of using something like that to record what I've taken to calling meditation trips. That would be a trip I take on my own, for the main purpose of photographing whatever I want and recording my thoughts. The meditation aspect would be that I wouldn't be in touch with anyone (maybe every other day check in phone calls, if that). On the other hand, the photography part would mean bringing along an awful lot of equipment and dongles. Sometimes it's all the cords and cables and whatnot that make me decide to leave something home, much more than the weight or effort of carrying it around. Part of the reason I left my iPod at home was I just didn't feel like setting it up every night. Hah!

I brought my personal journal downstairs and I was going to do all sorts of deep personal writing. Oh well.
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ZATC D6.2: Butte's a Beaut!

Montana sure is pretty. Makes me want to come back here sometime when I don't have to zoom. It also makes me wonder what I could learn about Washington by exploring it more.

What is probably the worst squall I've driven through happened when we were going through Bozeman Pass. It was more exciting than I want a simple highway cruise to be. Oh, AND the road was down to one lane in each direction. Nobody tried to pass me, at least. And there was something that suspiciously looked like ice or snow on the shoulder at the high point.

Down from the pass and into Butte, the weather cleared, but we could see heavy clouds in front of us. So we decided to call it a night.

Now we're off. Some cute girl owes me a steak dinner. ;>