September 19th, 2005

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Coming down the mountains from the glories of western Montana and the Idaho panhandle into eastern Washington left me feeling a little alienated. One of the first things you see is Spokane. From the interstate, it doesn't look like much. A small downtown and many car lots. Then you're in the Palouse (I think it's called), the arid yet fertile region between the Cascades and the Rockies. We saw lots of dust devils, some pretty large.

What made me feel at home, though, was the mini mart attached to the gas station we stopped at in Quincy. There was an Hispanic cashier, talking in rapid Spanish with one of the customers. They were both fairly young, but I couldn't tell if it was talking or flirting. And the manager (presumably owner) was Asian. To me, that was central Washington in a nutshell.

The rockslide at the Snoqualmie Pass backed up westbound traffic for a couple miles, but it was no worse than 520. At its worst. But, as we both posted yesterday, we made it through.

We were (a) a day early, and (b) Jane was beset upon waking from her nap with a worrisome attack of vertigo, so there wasn't as much house prep as Jane planned. But we managed to place all Julie's boxes. Julie and I went to an Indian restaurant on 45th. Judging from the sounds across the table it was just what we needed after four days of cooler snacks and meat and potatoes meals. We brought massive leftovers home to Jane.

The rest of the evening was spent poking about on LJ and climbing into bed early. Today will be pretty busy, we both have numerous errands to run and phone calls to make.

To which, to wit!