November 22nd, 2005

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I dropped off the disc of pictures to NARAL yesterday. They put a couple more up on their website, this time with credit! woohoo! BIG sigh of relief on my part, after all the hardware wrinkles. (The last one was that my new CD drive doesn't write. Reads fine, but doesn't write. Sheesh!)

After that, ran down to Gasworks to take the inversion picture, then took the rats out to the vet for a "healthy pet" checkup. It's been several weeks since Peaty died, just wanted to get them looked at. The vet tech remembered Peaty and was properly sympathetic. Both he and the doctor really liked Butter and Dave. And Butter and Dave really liked the apple the vet gave them. Yeah!

After THAT, the furnace monger FINALLY arrived. Except he only thought he had to work on one house, even though I'm certain that when I made the appointment it was for both. We got it straightened out, though.

After THAT, Julie and I went to the Bengal Tiger on Roosevelt, near 65th. She had Butter Chicken and I had a mango lamb chop, both of which we liked. And we had an onion Bhaiji appetizer, which was very tasty.

After THAT, we'd hoped to walk around a bit, but decided to come straight home. No, not for that, ye gutter minded scurly pump.

Then we watched an ep of Six Feet Under (still on Season Two), looked at, she read National Geographic and I read "Naked City" by Weegee.

Now we're both back at our computers, being post modern and all that. Yeah! School tonight, I want to take in the inversion picture and see what it looks like at 11x14. There's only a couple more classes, it's been fun and I think I've learned a lot. Yeah!

Tomorrow: An assignment for Real Change early, Thanksgiving prep, and some work on the Frye Apartments Thanksgiving pictures I took last Saturday. Thursday: Thanksgiving! Friday: Julie and I go to Babeland. Hah! Also, maybe some games with folks later in the evening.

Monday: Jane and I watch Riley while Anita has her next chemo. I'm sure the rest of the week will fill up in due course. ;>