November 28th, 2005

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You may have heard juliebata mention in her journal that she loves the rats, Butter and Dave.

Exactly how much does she love the rats?

She stayed in the same room as a shrieking three year old (not his inside shriek, neither), calmly no less, because a rat was snuggled inside her robe.

Well, we weren't shrieking as much as we were imitating the tortured screams of the dead and dying as the Rokenbok monorail crashed off its track and onto the floor.

He wouldn't let me finish building it, either, which lead Julie to claim that he'd make a good mayor.

All in all, another fun day with Riley. Yeah!
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Further adventures with Bata

As a midwesterner experiencing her first Seattle "winter," she found the local newscast tonight roll on the floor (practically) hilarious. Especially the part where they cut to a remote broadcaster who said "We're seeing an actual light dusting of snow, it's accumulating on car roofs here in Tacoma."

Snowpocalypse 2005! We're all gonna die! Yippee!