December 5th, 2005

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Jane's News

As you may have known from reading her journal, Jane went in for a mastectomy today.

tamiam (who, as we all know, is a hero of the revolution), took her in this morning to the East Side Group Health Complex, over by Microsoft. They had to be there at six a.m. to inject some dye into her that would help reveal the sentinel node of her lymph glands so they could remove it. The dye had to spread for a couple hours, then they would perform the surgery.

I got there about noon, and Tamara was still there. About 1, the doctor walked by, and he told us it was a very clean procedure, everything went very well, and they're pretty certain they got everything.

A little while later, an LPN came by to say we could see Jane. She was sitting up and spooning herself some ice chips. After chatting for a while, Tamara went home for some much needed rest and I stayed with Jane.

She improved visibly by the minute (Actually, even at her worst she was less muzzy than at the onset of a bad migraine). Pretty soon, she asked the nurse for some coffee, then lunch, then how soon she could go.

They gave her a prescription for pain killers, but she figures she has enough on hand for her regular kidney stone pain maintenance (sheesh!). After signing some various forms and the RN and LPN putting numbers and initials in various charts, they said she was free to go.

We left the hospital about 2:45, were home by 3:15, and I think she was sacked out by 3:30.

Over the last couple days, she's set up her bedroom with a VCR, a stack of silly movies, a stack of books, various accoutrements in arm's reach, etc. Vonda's made her a bunch of food which I'll be feeding to her.

There were a couple factors that contributed to her being laid low by her previous mastectomy. First, the mastectomy itself was the third operation in that region in a short amount of time. The second factor was the sceroma, and the third factor was we didn't know about wound care enough to avoid the sceroma or to recognize the early symptoms. This is all part of the reason she went ahead with the mastectomy rather than trying another lumpectomy.

In any case, so far so good.

Thank you, one and all, for your concerns and wishes. They're really appreciated. Yeah!