December 9th, 2005

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After all the stresses of Tuesday and Wednesday, yesterday was drowsy day. We never made it out of the house. I briefly went to the bank, but as far as downtown -- uh uh.

In the evening I did some reading about Adobe Bridge. This is toward the great reorganization/archiving of my photographs so far.

Today we are planning to go to the Bulbman, on 4th Ave. S., to look for a bulb for the ceramic holiday tree (hear that? It's the Baby O'Reilly crying! Yay!) my sister made quite a few years ago.

Monday I have to reshoot the pictures for Real Change I took Wednesday. Sigh. This is the first time I've had to reshoot something. Rather, I HOPE it works for the subject that we reshoot on Monday.

In other news today I made an appointment for a colonoscopy. What thrills, eh? Hah!

Better hop in the tub.
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3 November 2004

Seattle, WA

NB: So I've loaded all my old pictures onto the new computer, and I'm going through them. I'll try not to be too self indulgent. ;>