December 14th, 2005

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Wow, it's been a week. Julie talks about a couple of our expeditions here (her latest two entries).

The Los Straitjackets show was lots of fun. Fun and a half, in fact. The opening band, Lushy, caught both our ears. I felt like they'd been listening to the same CDs I've been listening to the last couple years (Brazilectro, Stereolab, Bebel Gilberto, Zuco 103, etc.), with smooth rhythms and great solos. Yeah!

And Los Straitjackets with The World Famous Pontani Sisters was also tons of fun. Hah! And an unexpected side benefit of the show: When Xmas Muzak comes on a store's PA, I think of the World Famous Pontani Sisters. Yippee!

Surprisinly enough, despite being right at the stage, our ears didn't ring very much the next day.

Since then, alas, Julie's been pretty sick. It's been on and off since Thanksgiving. Sigh.

Monday I met with the Real Change subject and reshot her picture. These turned out much better. Then I got another tripod. A lesson in buying good equipment to begin with: Even though the new tripod and head cost more than either of the two I already have, it cost less than the two together. Um, if you can follow that. ;>

I've continued sorting and reviewing all my old photos. Sometimes I keyword them, sometimes batch rename and copy them to working folders, whatever. Last night I'd finally processed enough to burn a dvd's worth, and I printed out contact sheets until the printer ran out of ink. Hah! The DVD and all contact sheets then go into a binder which then goes onto a shelf, and 40+ years from now, when some MFA candidate is reviewing my faded and crackly nonarchival contact sheets, and saying, man, what great photos these were, s/he won't be able to get prints becacuse there won't be any equipment left that can read such old media but Garry Winogrand's photos will still be available so why do I bother anyway. Mind you, I lurve Garry Winogrand's photos and would consider it an honor to be spoken of in the same time zone as him, let alone the same breath. Hah!

Also yesterday I helped Jane with a Photoshop session with a client. Within five minutes, she was asking questions neither of us could answer, and within ten, Jane was saying the session was a freebie, we were working on this together. I hope she isn't freaked out by the informality, even if we kept working with this client for free, we'd get a lot of experience in working with and training people in Photoshop. (NB: Jane recently bought a friend's computer training business.)

Today: More ink for the printer. Care for Julie, who is sick. Alas! More contact sheets. Adam called with another assignment for Real Change, so I have to call that subject and make arrangements. It's a man who's a volunteer organizer for Auxiliary Communication Services, a ham radio group that provides emergency communication assistance. That should be interesting. There's another assignment pending where I have to call the subject tomorrow.

Tomorrow: Julie and I have our first counseling session.

So far, I've been using my time productively enough (during this quarter break) to satisfy myself, even though I'm playing Bounce Out again. (Sheesh!) But next week I'll have to start making lists and things like that or I'll just sink into the game again, or something.

But Julie has bestirred herself! Yay! And she seems on the road to recovery. And I'll be off upon my errands.