December 28th, 2005

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I've been puttering at my desk every so often, putting away papers and reorganizing some things. There's visibly more surface area, but it is far from what one might call wide open spaces.

Today Jane and I had the first of what I plan to be twice weekly house project sessions. It can't be regular housework, and I don't want to set any goals of stuff out the door or anything. But she's been talking about setting up her old bedroom as a guestroom/library, and that's the room I'd use as an office if Julie and I move out (yes, it's back to "if," which is good). We can move a far ways along guestroom/library before having to branch to "my office" if it comes to that.

Okay, it was half a session, because I didn't go downstairs until half an hour into it. But the idea is that we make an appointment, and keep it the same way she'd keep a client appointment. That is, if we can't make it, we reschedule. Our next time will be Friday afternoon.

While Jane and I were talking, Julie cleaned up the kitchen a bunch. Then Julie and I went out to BLRRFH (Best Little Rabbit, Rodent, and Ferret House) to get a roll-a-nest for the brothers. Yeah! Tomorrow: Big Deal Cage cleaning. And they get a fresh nest in the deal! Woo hoo! After that, Value Village, the QFC, then home where we gobbled down the leftovers from last night's dinner. I've found the secret of cooking for Juliebata: Garlic and plenty of it. Last night we had a pork tenderloin, marinated with several cloves of garlic, Worcestershire sauce and Judy Fu's Jiao Zhi (sp) sauce. And mashed potatoes with, as you might guess, garlic. And broccoli and zucchini stir fried with garlic. Hah! For a while after she moved here, I missed the sesame oil and chili oil I used to use so constantly. But I realized a couple weeks ago that it'd be much harder to cook for her if she didn't like garlic, and that made it easy.

We finished up Season 3 of Six Feet Under and have started on Season Four. So far, so good. I got Julie a DEVO dvd for XMas, so we watched that. Then a couple over again. Then with the commentaries (which were actually interesting and insightful). Last night we watched Weird Al Yankovic and Michel Gondry videos (talk about yer ridiculous to yer sublime, I tell ya). My favorite Michel Gondry video was "Star Guitar" by Chemical Brothers; Julie's was "Around the World" by Daft Punk. Later on, I played a show by the Cirque de Flambe for her, skimming through to the best parts. Which, of course, largely featured me. Hah!

Tonight... more likely just chilling by the computer.
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La pomme de Terre de l'Amour

Translation verified by Babelfish. And if you translate that back into English, it becomes "The Potato of the Love."

No, I did not use Photoshop to put the heart there. It was there. Both Julie and Jane had to encourage me to get out my camera, which inolved of course setting it up on my tripod, poking all the little buttons on the back, and taking several long exposures, by the end of which Julie was a little impatient for me to get on with dinner. Hah!

But it was fun and the dinner was very tasty. Mmmmmm, potatoes and garlic. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.