January 11th, 2006

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Huh. I thought I just wrote a post, but it seems to have disappeared.

Sheesh. Um, anyway, I had a colonoscopy today, and it went well, and I don't have to have another one for three years. Yay!

Aren't you glad you missed the detailed version!

In Real Change news, I had an assignment yesterday and sent in the photos last night (although the editor told me they might be held for a week, which means they sometimes don't get published). I have a follow up call to make, and an assignment on Friday with a deadline Friday night. Hah! An alternative elementary school is having a unity march in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. (baaaaabyradicals).
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Is my face red!

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i think you accidentally sent your journal update to bestshot.

but i'm glad your colonoscopy went well!! :)

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Yikes! I meant the bestshit community!