January 25th, 2006

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I continue with the keywording and metadataing of my photos. And the printing out of the contact sheets thereof, and the putting into of binders thereto. That's almost in English, is it not?

The contact sheet printing is boring, but the rest of it is interesting. I'm finding a lot of neon pictures, for instances.

There's an exterminator coming by sometime between 3 and 4 p.m. PST and we'll have a forced four hour vacate. We've been seeing wasps up here, with increasing frequency. It looks like they're in the attic crawlspace, and they come out from the light fixture late at night, giving us restless heebie jeebies. Said heebie jeebies lead us to stories about giant wasps dive bombing us with attack spiders, which does not help us to calm down, no, not one little bit.

I was interrupted by janeehawkins coming home, and should now go on to other things.
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Level 28, 465 vertices.


About halfway there.


I'm going to stop at level 30 (fingers crossed, knock wood) because I'm just running out of damn room to push the little dots around. Hah!

I also printed out a binder's worth of contact sheets (roughly four gB of photos).

During the exterminator defuming, we went to a Value Village, did some shopping for our next ratty photo shoot (as juliebata may have already informed you), and then had a lovely dinner at Bombay Grill. We've pretty much been at our computers ever since.

Tomorrow: Counselor appointment, followed by another exterminator, this time an inspector to look for rodent damage. Followed by more keywording. Filling up a DVD should take a lot less time, because I've crossed the point to where I started shooting in RAW (much larger files than jpg).