January 29th, 2006

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Photo news: The celebration of the gay civil rights bill passage Friday night was lots of fun. The crowd was very celebratory. I'm beginning to recognize other media photographers at an event like that, just as I recognize labor union workers from some other events I cover (the only time I've ever seen other media at a labor event is when Sen. Edwards spoke at an SEIU rally last summer). I now have close to two hundred pictures to look through, but I think it'll be pretty easy to select the three or four to send to the editor.

After this post, I have to call a person for a portrait for a feature article. Both these are due tomorrow, as is my school assignment.

In other Real Change news, the Orca Unity Day March picture was on last week's cover, and this week has a picture I took at the anti-Nazi rally, but not the one I posted.

Also, last night, Julie and I had a great, hilarious time with the rats taking another photo essay, and I'll get to those tonight (before the school work. ;>)

There's still some printing to do for the image archive, but that'll happen later tonight. The Next Big Project will be sorting through all the neon pictures I discovered. I'm going to be able to make a new "Open" sign poster, and maybe a new "Nails" poster (you know, beauty shops that advertise they can do manicures).

In wedding plan news, we've picked April 1st as the date, as I said recently. Julie's brother seems okay with that, so we're good to go. Also, we placed an order for the rings yesterday. We visited three jewelers, then revisited two of those. I'm satisfied with the price we got, and comfortable with the decision we made. Yeah!

For Potlatch, we're going to get two cakes (one "lively lemon" and one other) from Larry's Market and make a contribution to the consuite for Friday night. We haven't even begun to think about Wiscon plans. Hah!

I guess that's about it for the news of the last couple days. Yeah! Off to make phone calls and whatnot.