February 2nd, 2006

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Yesterday, as you might have guessed from the previous post, Julie and I went down to the Pike Place Market. We got veggies for a pizza tonight, and the cipollini onions are roasting now and already smelling DAMN good. Woof! We also got sausages for the pizza, cheese for Vanguard, and chocolates for us. Oink!

Last night I hung with duskfrog for a couple hours, the first in a long time we've had a chance to hang out together. Okay, it was my fault why we hadn't gotten together for so long, but we worked things out. And we talked about some photography projects that will be fun to pursue and we're both looking forward to. Yeah!

I had a productive session with my counselor, Julie had a good job interview, and kate_schaefer proved herself a wiz with the scissors in loosening some suitpants of mine that had shrunk in the closet.

I guess that's the news. Talk to you later....