August 25th, 2006

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Pedro Meyer on Street Photography

From Zone Zero, Editorial 51, July 2003:
We are at the threshold of new paradigm changes in photography, and as with everything else in the world, the term adaptation seems to be the driving force. Street photography has undergone a rather dark period for some years, and I believe that we are going to enter a new one with substantial changes in this direction.

However, there is one major issue that I still have pending, and that is the notion of the "decisive moment", the more I come up against it, the more convinced I am that we have to move on and understand that all the attributes that have been attached to the so called decisive moment are nothing but romantic notions pertaining more than anything to an era belonging to the birth of the 35 mm camera. The assumption that we can actually see all the elements within the frame of the so called "decisive moment" is just a whole lot of nonsense. It does not serve well to educate photographers under such fictitious          aspirations.

I read this in The Real and the True: The Digital Photography of Pedro Meyer.