April 6th, 2008

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Garage Door

Fremont, Seattle
April, 2008

Julie and I walked past this garage door this afternoon, while out on a brief walk. I stopped to snap a few pics of it, thinking, ooooh, texture! Geometry! Composition!  And then we set back on our way, thinking no more about it.

A voice came from behind us, back by the garage. "Excuse me." I turned around to see a 50something portly man. His attitude was polite, nonconfrontational. "Why did you take a picture of that garage?" I explained that I liked the texture, etc., just as I said above here. He nodded, then said, "I just asked because you're the third person this week to take a picture of it. And that very spot, too. Just curious, thanks."

He turned away. Me, I was bereft. Third person!?!?!?! This week?!?!?

So much for cutting edge creativity and alla that. Hah!