July 24th, 2009

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Four from Anacortes

I'll probably post a few times today.

Doe and Two Fawns

When we saw them, Julie asked the waitress if this was a common occurrence. "No!" she said. Pretty soon, everybody was jumping up to grab cameras and snap away. Note the fawns still have their spots (as Julie pointed out when she saw this).

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Anacortes, WA
July, 2009
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Aggregating anemones (Anthopleura Elegantissima) and small crab

Rosario Beach, Deception Pass State Park, WA
July, 2009

More to come. It took most of the day for me to buckle down and look through the reference books to try to identify what I'd taken pictures of.

This little guy was feeding by rubbing his claws along the fronds of the anemone. I tried to show Julie, but alas, jabbed my finger into the water. He ducked back and didn't return.