August 13th, 2009

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Stick Bugs!

Last night juliebata and I went over to gryph's house to photograph some of her (Gryph's) stickbugs. It was fun! Julie spent her time looking over the Codex Seraphinianus and getting various dog and cat fixes from various dogs and cats (well, one dog). Here is the set (of three pictures) on flickr.

The next post will feature all three pictures, with more detailed information.
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Stick Bugs

Herewith three pictures of a friend's stick bugs, with links to articles about each.

Aretaon asperrimus

Believe it or not, there are no general interest articles about this insect. There are technical articles about its walk, lots of pictures and hobbyist pages, but not even anything on Wikipedia! That's hard to believe.

The female carries the male on her back.

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