September 21st, 2009

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Peninsula Trip: Day One, Part One

For a while I'd lost the card with the first day's shooting on it. A day after we got back, we got a phone call from the woman whose motel we stayed at in Forks, WA, saying she'd found it in the room. That was a big relief! I thanked her profusely and sent her a note. And here are the results!

There are also some graffiti panoramas from Aberdeen that I'll work on in the next day or so. The first picture below is from Aberdeen, the rest from Damon Pt. State Park.

Wütamaki Jewelry

Is that a U with an umlaut or two Is?

The correct spelling, as verified by hal_obrien below, is Wiitamaki.

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Aberdeen Graffiti Panoramas

The World is a Playground

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The click-throughs are a little larger than usual, 1500 px wide, as opposed to 1000.

There's one more to work on, but the computer takes so long to grind through the various steps I want to do something else for a while.


Aberdeen, WA
September, 2009