July 2nd, 2010

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12 Favorites.

These are my current 12 favorite images, based on a post by Kyle Cassidy on advice to a photographer. One of the things he suggested was "put together a portfolio of your 12 favorite images. Edit it every month. Do that for the rest of your life." A number of people in the comments said they were going to do that, and he picked today for people to link to their portfolios. Above is the link to mine. Here is the post with all the other portfolio links.

Here is the original post about advice to a photographer. (I reposted it to Facebook.)
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Memorial Flowers

Flowers left at headstones in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. Two in the set are from Evergreen-Washelli, they were also in the "Old Roses" set. I've decided to have the two separate series.

Full set here.