June 3rd, 2011

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Photo Booth!

Here you go:


Feel free to rebroadcast the link above. (I'm sure about to!)

That should be at least one photo of everyone who gave permission to post, and HOPEFULLY no one who said no. ;>

If I inadvertently posted your photo, or you want it taken down now that you've seen it, please let me know and I'll do so post haste.

Thank you everyone who participated, whether you're in this set or not. Thank you everyone who thought it was worth coming by a second time! I'd also like to thank the people who helped: fullygoldy and inteligentrix helped with driving; juliebata provided much assistance and patience; billzilla helped with set up; and Shayla and Jamie H. were the on-site and very helpful volunteers. Yeah! I currently plan to do this again next year, so if you have any suggestions to make, please feel free.

GROUP IDs: I didn't keep as good track of group photos this year as last year. When I knew the people in the photo, I listed them left to right. When I didn't know the people in the photo, I listed them alphabetically. So, if you're in a group photo, and can provide proper ID, please do so! I'd particularly like individual IDs for the Japanese Robot Maids.

STILL TO COME: I have to finish up spring quarter from school but about a week from now, I'll be able to start sending the sets of photos to people who gave permission to post. After that is sending the sets of photos to everyone else. It'll take longer to get them than last year, largely because of school. So, please be patient, but also don't be shy about asking where in the process I am.

(And if you're subscribed to my journal, AND the DW and LJ wiscon communities, you're about to see a version of this post a couple times. ;>)