March 11th, 2012

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Here are some bud, shoot, and seedling photos from North Beach Park:

Red huckleberry (Vaccinium parviflorum) buds
Red huckleberry (Vaccinium parviflorum) buds

Inside-out flower or duck’s foot (Vancouveria hexandra)
Inside-out flower or duck's foot (Vancouveria hexandra)
One of the common names for this plant is the duck’s foot flower, because the leaves have three rounded lobes that look like… wait for it… a duck’s foot. If you look closely, or click through the larger size, you can see that the leaves already have a duck’s foot shape as they emerge from the bud. Vancouveria is very rare in Seattle, supposedly extirpated (locally extinct) but here it is. There is also vancouveria in Carkeek.

Indian plum or osoberry (Oemlaria cerasiformis) buds and flowers
Indian plum or osoberry (Oemlaria cerasiformis) buds and flowers

Here is the entire set of North Beach Park photos (getting rather large). The photos I added today are towards the end.

ETA: The best spell-checker funnies for this time was “Malaria conformist” for “Oemlaria cerasiformis”.

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