August 7th, 2012

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Art in the Garden

Saturday (August 4th) Julie and I tabled for North Beach Park at Art in the Garden, a neighborhood party held at the Ballard P-Patch, which is just north of 85th St. on 25th Ave. This means it’s very close to North Beach Park, and when I went last year to distribute flyers, I kept thinking it would be great to have a table there.

GSP booth at Art in the Garden
See? Art! In the garden!

The canopy, banner, and materials were provided by Green Seattle Partnership. We also had some materials on the table from Groundswell NW, another group that does parks restoration, specifically in Ballard and the northwest part of Seattle. It was nice to make contact with them and find out more about their organization. I made a couple flyers specific to North Beach Park.

We had the perfect spot for what turned out to be the hottest day of the summer so far: Directly under a mature Western Red Cedar. We set up early in the morning, long before it got hot, and we were shaded all day.

GSP booth
Made in the shade.

In terms of metrics we probably didn’t do very well — only eight names added to our mailing list, only a few dollars in the donation jar. But in terms of meeting people who knew North Beach Park, we did great. That’s what I expected to have happen, and by the end of the day we’d had a great time. Lots of people had seen our work, lots of people said they’d go back to the park and look at it some more.

We packed up around six p.m., so we had been on site for about ten hours. We talked to lots of people about the park, and about parks in general. Two of the other forest stewards sat at the table with us, and another stopped by.

It was a wonderful experience, and we’ll do it again next year.

Julie "booth babe" at Art in the Garden
Julie “booth babe.”

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