February 9th, 2013

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February Work Party: Invasive Removal!

Saturday, February 23, 9 a.m. to noon
Meet at the main entrance to the park, 24th Ave. and 90th St. NW
Parking along 90th, east of 24th.
Wear weather-appropriate layers that can get dirty and MUD BOOTS.
Bring water and snacks if you need them; there are no facilities on site.
All ages and skill levels welcome, but children must be under the supervision of their parents.
For further information, please contact Luke McGuff at lukemcguff@yahoo.com

All that AND it’s fun! Meet neighbors and work together to restore a great ravine park.

The 2012 planting season went very well for North Beach Park; more than 400 plants went into the park. Many thank yous to Drexie Malone and Tad Anderson, who ran the January planting party.

Sala via Wikimedia Commons
Salal flowers courtesy Wikimedia Commons. Photo by Walter Siegmund, East Ridge Trail, Squak Mountain State Park, Issaquah, Washington.

We reintroduced to the main body of the park such native shrubs or groundcover as ocean spray, salal, twinberry, maidenhair fern, and wetland grasses (among others). Not to mention all the conifer saplings!

By the end we had run out of room! This is not the worst problem a restoration group can have, and gives us inspiration to make sure that we clear more ground in 2013.

Join us as we begin the main push for invasive removal in 2013. One work group will pull ivy and blackberry between the trail and stream, and the other will work throughout the park to put survival rings on trees (so far, we’ve put survival rings on about 70 trees).

Can’t make it to a work party? Please donate to the Seattle Parks Foundation. Your tax-deductible donation will be used to hire work crews for areas unsuitable for volunteers. Visit their North Beach Park donation page.

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