April 28th, 2013

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April Work Party Report

We had 14 volunteers Saturday morning, for a total of 27 volunteer hours. It was an excellent turnout and we had a great time. The first thing we did was finish mulching Knotweed Hill. We’re glad to get that done!

Mulch delivery
David, Loren, and David deliver mulch while Drexie pulls ivy.

This was the result of all that effort:
Fully Mulched Hill

Another crew built platforms for the ivy that EarthCorps cleared two weeks ago. I didn’t get pictures of them, unfortunately.

Second Task
We had enough time left over to do some ivy pulling at the base of the Headwaters Bowl slope. (Yes, this picture looks very similar to the picture of EarthCorps volunteers pulling ivy.)

And we got a lot of trash out of the park — quite a bit more than usual these days.
Half the Trash
That’s about half the trash — for some reason, I never took a final picture of the trash pile.

Our next work party is June 22nd, but we will be in the park a few times in May. And there is always Golden Gardens on May 11, and Carkeek STARS on May 18.

If we don’t see you then, we’ll see you in June at North Beach Park.

Flickr has a few more pictures of the work party.

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