June 7th, 2015

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Books Read May

Two books read and one bounce, which is still two more than I thought I'd have. I got bogged down in a long book that I didn't finish until early June. Anyway, here are the May books:

Feral Cities: Adventures with Animals in the Urban Jungle
Tristan Donovan
Chicago Review Press, 2015
A fun, light read about the wild animals that live in cities with us -- from raccoons in Berlin to leopards in Mumbai, rattlesnakes in Phoenix and African land snails in Miami to foxes in London and subterranean crabs in Rome. Donovan looks at who the animals are, how they came to be in cities, how they fare in cities, and what problems they cause. In all cases, the answers are varied and surprising. He talks to people doing on the ground research and control of animal species, and examines the issues using references that range from scholarly articles and books to blog posts. In the final chapter, he looks at how we can use cities as conservation agents, improve them as homes for the animals that live with us. Full review at Nature Intrudes.

Season of the Witch: How the Occult Saved Rock and Roll
Peter Bebergal
Penguin, 2015
Decided this was not relevant to my interests before I finished the introduction. However, it was highly recommended, and it might be relevant to YOUR interests.

The Book of the Unnamed Midwife
Meg Ellison
Sybaritic Press, 2014
A very bleak post-apocalypse novel about a plague that wipes out 90% of males and 99% of females and children. Circumstances allowed me to read it basically in one go, which got me very wrapped up in it. Sections are written as if straight out of a diary, others are written in third person. For most of the book, I thought it was as bleak as "We Who Are About To..." by Joanna Russ, but it has a happy ending. Well, some form of culture starts to rebuild but the basic existential questions are still unanswered.