Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

Good thing it's not jumping off a bridge week...
Everyone I've met (for some loose value of "meet") is in bold. If you recall us meeting and I haven't bolded you, I'm happy to be corrected. Yeah!

agrumer, akirlu, altert, amy_thomson, athenais, awdrey_gore, bad_bad_zoot, badger2305, baldanders, bcholmes, beatnikside, berlinde, beryllos, bibliofile, billzilla, bitterlawngnome, blackcustard, blindmonk, bobhowe, bonvogue, brisingamen, brithistorian, calimac, carolune, chr0me_kitten, cithra, cynthia1960, davidlevine, desayunoencama, dirtylibrarian, dmw, duskfrog, eleanor, elisem, emjayne, gambasagogo, gerisullivan, gravityslens, headgardener, heybatman, iamkatia, jaarronn, jackw, jackwilliambell, janeehawkins, jerrykaufman, juliebata, kate_schaefer, kateyule, kijjohnson, koya, ksp24, kylecassidy, lara7, lcohen, les1k, libertango, lrcutter, marykaykare, maryread, maureenmcq, mckitterick, nellorat, nwalita, peake, pegkerr, photofreedom, pnh, redbird, replyhazy, rimrunner, roadnotes, ruralrob, scarlettina, scottscidmore, shandralyn, shunn, slackbastard, sphinx_n_herhat, ssprince, sundukov, supergee, svtompkins, tamiam, the_gardener, tnh, trinker, vfc, weemallard, whumpdotcom, wild_irises, wild_patience, womzilla, xomato, yurikim, zancro

Almost all the people unbolded are photographers. The vast majority of people bolded are sf fans.
Tags: amusement, meme baa baa

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