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It's been Monday since I've done a journal update. Well, what have I done in the meantime, hmmmmm?

Um, it looks like I've been uppy/downy all week long. Close to a roller coaster, I guess, but not quite. Most of the mood swings have to do with photography, and I've been able to get out of the bad moods well enough to act. Then the times of action are at least good, if not better.

Tuesday I took pictures of Vonda's beaded sea creatures, and sent to Randy B. some pictures of the Seattle Tun, for an article in a PDF fanzine. Taking the pictures of the sea creatures was great fun. It felt so relaxing to set up the camera, making adjustments here and there, and finally click the shutter a few times. I used different lenses and settings. Almost as if I knew what I were doing! Hah!

Then when I looked at the pictures, they felt sterile to me. I'll look at them some more.

On Wednesday, we had Denys over for dinner. The ostensible reason was to go through our comics and see what he wanted, and then help us grade the rest. However, we sat around and chatted (a lot about comics).

Around 9, I headed out for a Real Change assignment: SEIU (the janitor's union) in Houston is on strike against American Building Maintenance. ABM is a national building services company. In Seattle, their employees have union contracts. In Houston, they don't. So the Seattle local is having candlelight vigils in solidarity. (This is very Seattle to me. ;>) You've seen The Candlelight Vigil picture, more than once I'm sure. Well, I didn't take it that night.

After that was over, I went walking around the south end of Belltown -- Virginia, Stewart, Pike, Pine, and 1st through 3rd Avs. Roughly, from The Moore to the Pike Place market entrance and back. It was just so much fun, taking pictures of whatever I wanted to, walking around perfectly free. And I admit I enjoyed the fact that I was walking around a slightly dicey part of downtown and not really worried about being mugged. (Okay, looking scruffy and carrying a fully extended tripod helped, I'm sure.)

There were three classes of people on the street: Small groups and couples of yuppies, moving quickly from bar to bar. Larger groups of people (almost exclusively men) staying put in front of welfare hotels. Individual people (men and women) walking from work to the nearest bus stop.

I finally stopped because the camera battery was wearing down. But I felt more free as the evening wore on. Yeah! I was really only walking around for about an hour, but it felt timeless.

Then I got home to see that all of my candlelight vigil pictures sucked. Well, I felt that they sucked for a couple hours, while working on them. I managed to find four to send to Real Change.

Thursday I blew off getting up in time to take pictures of another cruise ship disembarkation. Thursday afternoon, I went over to Eileen's to take pictures of her scary doll heads. That, too, was great fun. Both the action of taking the pictures and the conversation we had while doing it. Yeah! I haven't processed those photos yet.

Last night we watched A League of Their Own, which was a pretty sweet movie. I mean, the story is pretty standard, but the changes rung on it by being about a women's baseball team are well done. I also got the feeling that during the closing credits we were watching women who'd been in the AAGPBL (All American Girls' Professional Baseball League).

There were no extras on the disc. This is the kind of thing where I'd like a substantive extra, like a featurette about the AAGPBL. So many "extras" on DVDs have become so standard these days: The great innovations in digital effects. How great a set it was to work on, very professional. The young turk felt mentored and respected by the elder statesmen. The costume designer brought a great deal of flair and originality to her role but still gets a much shorter featurette than the digital effects guys. The actor/actress who learned to do their own stunts.

Um, anyway. Today so far, I've: slept through another opportunity to get a cruise ship disembarkation (it was raining, he whinged). Had coffee and toast for breakfast. Had an LJ induced coma. Wrote this entry. Um, okay.
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