Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

Still kind of uppy/downy.

A very pleasant up, though, was Jordin and marykaykare's Clarion West party last night. I was pleasantly surprised to see both kijjohnson and dirtylibrarian there, and caught up with both of them. I know dirtylibrarian from my Cirque/Burning Man days, but haven't seen her in a couple years (at least). I first met Kij, get this, twenty one years ago. Urg, I don't want to admit that. But really! It's true! She was a customer service rep at an advertising typesetting shop at which I was a typesetter.

The rest of the party was spent in the usual social whirl of gabbing and circulating. A couple people asked about juliebata, and said they were looking forward to her moving here. Yay! I sure am, scary as it is. I talked with Tamara M. for a while about the Frye and the service pet portrait projet.

A down was that yesterday I completely forgot about taking pictures of a friend's bride and groom collection. Sheesh! She was at the party, and seemed calm enough about it. I still feel stupid.

This morning I woke up pretty early, but I could tell that if I got up then I'd just be awake for a little bit, get tired again soon, and miss my morning appointments. Well, I still slept a little too late.

The main thing was to get Peaty to the vet. He's been rejecting his medicines since being put on the doxycycline (this from a ratty who used to hold the syringe in his paws and lick it thoroughly clean). We've tried a couple methods of tricking him, but didn't really want to force it down him.

His weight was stable from the last visit, and the doctor said he didn't seem to be breathing any worse. She also agreed that it wasn't a good idea to force the meds down him. The next step was self-administered rescue shots (which contain an antibiotic, a steroid, I think something else, and some hydration liquid). I was expecting small needles, but they look HUGE. Also, he squeaked and struggled.

Well, we'll see. He's eating fine, he seems to be doing well from the attention we give him. He eats the soft training treats we give him and loves Nutri-Cal. The doctor said he wouldn't be contagious to Butter and Dave, and that was one of my biggest worries.

So, if we can't handle giving him the shots, we might just give him love and affection. Sigh.

In other pet news, Skippy has had his bandage changed a couple times. He doesn't tug on it much or try to chew it off, which is good. He was so stressed at being kept in that he was peeing on my landing and vomiting, so Jane started letting him out briefly when it's dry. He seems to know that it's just a pit stop and comes back when called. (He generally comes when called.) I can't quite say he's much happier, but he hasn't peed or puked anywhere he's not supposed to.

Last week I put out a rental disc for the mailman, and missed the whole thing of Skippy emerging from shadows and trotting up the stairs to stop on the front hall closet looking up at us with big pet me eyes. Even though I knew he was asleep inside. He almost never meows, but he greets us with a few short prrrrts when he comes in.

After getting Peaty back in his cage and explaining what was up to Jane, I went out again to check out a yard sale that had some old Nikkor lenses. Well, they were too old for my camera. They'd have fit, but had no CPU to work with the D70. Oh well. While there, I saw Kelly (SACBO empresaria) and a couple men from the Cirque. That was another downy. I mean, it was nice to say hi to Kelly. Oh well.

Now I'm going to go out for breakfast and GET NUTRI-CAL dammit. The rest of the day will be spent processing photos and whatnot.
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