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Friday: Went to take head shot portraits of Paul Bascomb, a candidate for city council. He's running against Nick Licata, who would otherwise be unopposed. (Some of the other races are pretty open.) We talked for about an hour (well, I listened, mostly, but was interested in what he had to say.)

We rendezvoused at the King County Admin. building. King County decides ballot order by lottery, and Paul said he was going to be there. No other serious candidate was there, and no other media. There was a homeless guy running for any unopposed southeast water district seat (but he was too late to file, so I don't know if he made it onto the ballot). There was a guy there with a video camera he kept talking to, pointing it all around and sometimes pointing it at himself. Sheesh.

Friday night, I skipped the final Clarion party, which I hear was pretty good. I had dinner with Jane and two of her kid friends.

Saturday afternoon, I went over to scarlettina's to photograph her porcelain hands and some of her elongated coins. That was fun, of course, it's always interesting to see someone's collection and hear about it. For instance, I thought they would be the kind of hands used as forms for latex gloves, but they're older than that. I think they date from the early days of the 20th C., and were used by women to hold their rings and jewelry. Two were also bud vases.

Saturday evening, we watched Crime Spree, a fun little movie, although not great. It was heavily influenced by Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels (right down to the final scene taking place on a bridge and the McGuffin falling into a river). The really blatant Chicago cliches were amusing, too.

Sunday I got wrapped up in trying to backup my photos onto CDs, which took almost the entire day and felt like I got nowhere. The thing is, over the next few years (let alone whatever career I daydream of), the recording media, the software that does the backup, the image file standard, and definitely the storage media, will change. In the next decade, they'll all have changed at least twice. So, a valid archive needs to be as unproprietary as possible. If I use a piece of software to create an archive, I should be able to take any disc in that archive set and open it on any computer. Which, alas, I did not do.

My next trick is to run the Photoshop Elements organizer on the photo directories and use that to create a set of CDs. Then, hopefully, I'll be able to clean out some of the directories because I'm running out of room on my computer. Hah! And I'll be all organized and a Fully Realized Adult Human Being. Um, not likely, that.

Also Sunday I got a book called "The Photoshop Elements 3 Book For Digital Photographers," which is being pretty good so far. I realized it was the third book I've bought about PS Elements, so I actually started using it. Hah!

Monday I took some pictures of Laura Wells for the Change Agent feature. That was about the briefest shoot I've done. I bet she's considered super efficient by her coworkers. She was ready for me when I arrived a few minutes early (12:20); without being brusque or impatient, we quickly got through it all and I was out of the office by the time of my appointment (12:30); and her voice mail said she was in meetings until 2, so she then had an hour and a half to work on other stuff. Hah!

I thought of walking through the ID, but came home instead. We were having a goodbye party for Ron Drummond, and I was making spaghetti.

The party was fun, tamiam and Dr. J brought bread, a couple people brought wine, there was much talking.

After the party, I sent out the photos for RC, using the black and white conversion process detailed in the Elements 3 book. To tell the truth, I couldn't tell the difference between what I usually do and what the book said to do. I think, though, that as I learn that process better I'll get better results. I want to do the Frye service pet portraits in black and white.

Today is the Seattle Night Out. Vonda always organizes a block party, and Jane brings out her bubble supplies and toys, and I get out the grill. I plan to make chicken thighs marinated in lime juice, rosemary, and elephant ear garlic. Yeah!

Time not spent on getting ready for the block party will be spent working on my backup/archive problems.

Tomorrow is the first day of the Frye photographs, which is one of the reasons I want to have a clean and well organized system. Hah! As. If.
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