Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

Entryway Mosaic

A small mosaic at the front entrance to the Frye Apartments. Presumably these are the initials of the original builder.

The second session at the Frye apartments went very well again today. The first time, I got mostly cats; this time, it was mostly dogs. We also got more people in the pictures. The second to last session put me in a very mellow mood. I felt calm and unbounded, even. (For whatever reason, I consider unbounded a desirable state of being.) The very last session was fun, it was a feral cat named Dexter, which his human said thought he was a lion. Cute.

I'm going to work on the pictures for the next couple weeks, producing 4x6 and 5x7 prints for the participants (at the expense of the Frye) and larger prints, for framing, to be displayed at the Frye or to become (possibly) part of a calendar. I also hope this will get me over to the Photographic Center Northwest to use their digital lab. Yeah! Except then I'd have to use Photoshop without screaming and cursing. Oh, wait.

I might have an assignment for Real Change later this week, but I'm not clear. The editor called just before I left for the Frye, and just as someone he needed to talk to walked into his office. Hah! Oh well.
Tags: fryearchitecture, photo

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