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Photography: Monday, another session of pictures at the Frye, which went pretty well. I'm processing a couple pictures a day from the sessions, and should pick up the pace a bit. But I'm also learning a lot about Photoshop, color cast, b&w conversions, etc. I posted the staircase to photography and got some good feedback.

I want to go back! There was a guy in the elevator one time who asked why we were taking pictures of the animals and not the people. I said I'd be happy to take his picture. (Vonda calls this kind of response "the Hollywood no" -- "yes! It's great! Fantastic! We'll call you!") I would, too. A woman who volunteers with the community director has a collection of stuffed bears; she buys one every year on her daughter's birthday, and now has 16. She asked if I'd take their picture, and I said yes to that, too. I'm likely to call the community director in a couple days to try to set something up or at least talk about it.

Between sessions on Monday I sat down in the lobby on a couch that looked onto the street, and thought, I could sit here for hours. Other times I feel like I've discovered a little city. I bet the people in the Frye know each other better than the people in other downtown residences.

Something I've noticed when people talk to the CD is that everyone has a complicated story. Whatever it's about. It's too easy to think that the complications of the stories I've heard at the Frye are inflated, to make the person feel important. But really, how much do I inflate the complications of my own story for self-importance? As much as any human.

I don't have any pictures in Real Change this week, and don't have any in the pipeline. There were two pictures published last week, and I'll post them to the RC gallery later today.

Since Monday, I've worked on the Frye photographs. Yesterday Jane and I drove around the east side, to Fall City and North Bend (we were going to go to Snoqualmie Falls, but decided to go to the North Bend Outlet Mall instead. Believe it... or else!) We also went to Small Frye's, a burger stand in Fall City, which if you're ever there, go there, know what I mean? Mmmm mmm mmm. I took a few pictures, but haven't looked at them.

Life: As Anita has said on her blog, she's had a recurrence of the cancer that she first had almost exactly two years ago. I've taken on the task of coordinating helpers, which Jane made look so easy for Anna. I have to limber up some mental muscles that haven't had much use since leaving MS.

Having more to do, I think, will help me get more done, because I'll have to track my time better. Yeah!

In other life news: The 25th Anniversary Vanguard was lots of fun. Jane and I left a little early, we should call Denys to see how the rest of the party went. Lots of people had a great time looking through the photo albums that Jane brought. Oh, I've already mentioned this, haven't I? Hah!

Today, Jane and I are off to dinner with Vonda. Tomorrow, we're bringing dinner to jackwilliambell and anitar to talk about plans. Saturday is some running around and childcare with Riley, and Sunday maybe we'll have Anita's sister over, to talk about plans and whatnot. And just to meet her.

Yes, this task makes me feel sad. But I think it will do me well to have something pragmatic to do. And I've gotten lots of great input from janeehawkins, kate_schaefer, and MarciaJG. And not only lots of offers of help, but commitments to help, both of which are appreciated. And, in fact, just got off the phone with Anita's sister.

I think I'll leave things up in the air for now, and come back in a little while. For now, as I said, something pragmtic. Like folding laundry or whatever. Yeah!
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