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Frye: On Friday, 22 August, we're going to have a party in the community room where people will bring their pets, and I'll give them their pictures. I think I'll give everyone a few 4x6 prints and one larger print, matted. I have a couple more cat pictures to process from the first batch, and then the second, smaller batch to work through. I hope I get the chance to go back, take some pictures of the people, take some pictures of the pets again, some more architecture. The community room has bland community room art, and it struck me that pictures of the Frye itself in there might help build a little positive feeling for the place they live in.

In the Farm Services Administration days, photographers would visit a community, take their pictures, and leave. Nowadays, photographers attempting to document a marginalized community (of whatever sort) take a little longer. I frequently read about photographers visiting a community and not even taking any pictures, just hanging out with the people. Maybe because they're entering the community on their own, they can use that as an equalizer to introduce themselves. Whereas I've been introduced to this community by its highest authority (the building manager) and its most public face (community services director). I think the CSD has a good approach to community building: You present stuff that people want to do and reward welcome shows up. (As opposed to telling people what they should do and berating them for not participating.) Anyway, I'd love it if people without pets felt free to attend the party, and if I got more people interested in me taking their picture or whatever.

Real Change: I talked with the editor yesterday, and he said he didn't have a writer yet, but I could cover the union rally if I wanted to. Today, I am soo-premely amotivated. I think I'll make myself get up and do it just for the exercise of it all.

Riley care: Anita appears to be on the upswing after her first chemo. Her energy is returning. Today, friends of Jack's are coming down from Bellingham, I hope he takes the time to hang out with them. Tomorrow, Anita and I have a phone call from Social Security to start looking into getting some help there. Anita's next chemo is Sept. 1st, we'll need another round of child care (and maybe more assistance) at that time. After that chemo, there will be another set of tests to see how the cancer is responding. After the tests we have a range of choices, to which I want to attach neither hopes nor fears.

School: I have one more thing to do with verifying my measles immunity for the UW and then I'll be good to go. My advising appointment is August 31. There's a year long set of history classes starting in the fall I need to take for my major. My current plan is to take one class during the fall quarter. If the history class is still open, I'll sign up for that. If it's full, I'll see about a photography or Photoshop class.

Books: I've been reading The Photo Book, published by Phaidon press, that I picked up in the North Bend outlet mall bookstore. I've seen smaller format versions of it, but this is pretty big. It gives the pictures a lot of room to breathe, as it were, and makes their details clearly visible. It's alphabetical by photographer, which creates a pleasing jumble of styles, methods, techniques, content, etc., etc. But the explanatory text with each photo is so tiny I have to take my glasses off and hold this heavy book right over my nose. Hah! Oh well.

Video: Last night we watched Laurel Canyon. I really like that it had one ending. (Minority Report, The Return of the King, and What's Eating Gilbert Grape? are three movies that struck me as having ending tacked upon ending.) Also, that it left some character choices up in the air. I mean, some choices were obvious, and some others I strongly hoped for, but leaving them open ended I think added to the emotional impact of the movie.

Home: Driving home last night I thought, the perfect place for me to live would be a big, slightly run down house in a great urban neighborhood, with groceries and movie theatres and restaurants and book stores and libraries all within a short walking distance, with everyone I know welcome to walk in the door, people coming and going, with housemates who reflexively say "yes" to people needing space (whether it's a room or a couch, a few nights or a few months, and even if we don't know them), ... and then I thought, hmmmmm.

Julie: I love Julie. Mmm mmm mmm. ;>

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