Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

Carlton and Dog 2

Frye Apartments, Seattle
8 August 2005

I brought the pictures to the Frye Friday and they were very well received. There were a couple people there who wanted their animal photographed who hadn't been home or whatever the first time. There were a couple people who wanted a different picture of their animal, and, worse yet, there were a couple people who I messed up printing the pictures I HAD taken.

But otherwise it was a lot of fun. Yeah! I'll probably go back at the end of September, after I come back from Madison (with Julie!). After that, is the blessing of the animals on St. Francis day, early in October. (If they can get a priest -- I wonder who and how they're asking.) And after that is Thanksgiving, which they do the weekend before.

What I'd like to have happen is to be able to come in there and take pictures of the marble work over the elevator doors, or take pictures of the people who live there. Best would be to go there on my own.

Well, wherever it goes, it's been wonderful. Yeah!
Tags: fryepeople, photo

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