Luke McGuff (holyoutlaw) wrote,
Luke McGuff

Peaty has been stable for a while, but a few days ago he destabilized again and his breathing was really labored. Jane and I tried to give him a rescue shot, but couldn't quite do it. I took him to the vet Saturday, and they gave it to him. The shot boosted his energy, but didn't noticeably ease his breathing. I'll bring him back today.

Skippy is fine. Up to his old tricks. Padding all around and about.

Yesterday I went to the opera with Doug. Well, I didn't attend the opera, but I hung out with him for a while people watching and taking pictures. A lot of them had camera blur (that is, I didn't hold the camera steady), a few of them I felt like, dang! If only I'd knelt down or moved a couple steps to the left. However, I took fewer pictures than I would have in the past, and there were no pictures where I wondered "why did I take 17 pictures of THAT?" Progress, of a sort, as one says. I also picked up a singing translation (that is, it fits the rhythm and meter of the music, as well as matches the sense of the German) of the Ring.

Today: Walkies to the QFC, dinner with Vonda, more picture processing, undoubtedly too much BreakQuest, start scoping out the room to clean out for Julie. Yeah!
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