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The vet yesterday suggested a couple treatments for Peaty. One would have involved driving to West Seattle every day to get him a shot. Call me heartless, but I didn't feel like doing it. Oh well.

The other thing he suggested was giving Peaty 6 ml of Batril once a day, instead of 2 ml twice a day. He also showed me how to hold him to be more gently persuasive. (I readily admitted that Jane and I are wimps about forcing the meds down Peaty's throat -- what's the point of struggling to give him meds if he winds up hating and fearing us?)

Anyway, we tried the new method of holding Peaty. Even though he turned away from the meds at first, he finally took them. And then he ate a big chunk of banana, and even some oatmeal cookie I gave him. Woohoo! (And some NutriCal, too.) 6 Ml to Peaty is about 1200 Ml to me -- more than forty ounces! If someone had just forced more than forty ounces of banana flavored medicine down my throat, I would NOT have eaten even a tiny little chunk of banana. And that chunk of banana to Peaty was five whole bananas to me! Just kidding.

While we were watching Edward Scissorhands, he sat in my lap for a while. Sweetie Peaty!

Today I started work on the basement, getting the room ready for Julie. Which, because we live in a slidey puzzle, meant moving stuff INTO the room. Hah! Oh well.

I've also been reading the translation of The Ring, although I realize this means I'm getting less than a tenth of the whole experience. But to Peaty, that tenth would be...
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